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Annual Conference is an exciting time to celebrate what God is doing throughout the Free Methodist Church and we want you to be part of it. Find out how you can make the most of the Annual Conference Experience.

Attend Annual Conference

If you are attending in person, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy a wonderful day together.

Watch Online

Watch live with us on May 14, 2022, or watch at any time through our archived video links.


If you are a voting member of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, it is both your honor and responsibility to vote for our church leaders. Find out how.

Standing Rules

Our standing rules provide a structure for how we do business and make decisions at Annual Conference. Read the complete set of rules online.

Boards and Committees

Free Methodists are a diverse group of believers, hailing from all walks of life. Our leadership across the Southern California conference mirrors that diversity through a commitment to an equal mix of clergy and lay leaders (non-clergy), the empowerment of traditionally underrepresented people, and the engagement of communities across the broad socioeconomic spectrum that makes up Southern California.


Superintendents provide for vision alignment and implementation, leadership development, and guidance for the administration and growth of the church.

Board of Administration

The standing administrative committee of the conference, established to create and manage policy of the entire conference within the limits of the Book of Discipline.

Nominating Committee

Responsible for preparing for the annual conference a list of nominations for positions vacated by either resignation or expiration of terms.

Ministerial Education & Guidance Committee

Responsible for qualifying, guiding, counseling, and mentoring candidates for ordination as they prepare for ministry.

Ministerial Appointments Committee

Responsible for appointing qualified ministers to ministries and monitoring progress and growth.

Kingdom Ministry Group

Develops sustainable and vital Free Methodist Societies by sponsoring church planting projects and caring for societies requiring revitalization.

Finance Committee

Reviews and recommends action on all matters concerning financial actions of the local church and the conference at large.

The Management Group

Provides oversight for The Management Group, a for-benefit corporation of the FMCSC that provides bookkeeping and administrative services for eligible ministries.


We like to say that “it’s good to belong.” Within the Free Methodist Church, our elders are members of a ministerial tradition that seeks to disciple effective church leaders and grow ministries.

Incoming Leaders

Join us in welcoming our new Ministerial Candidates and incoming Elders for 2022.

Ministerial Members

Meet our elders serving throughout Southern California and beyond.

Annual Conference Delegates

Our delegates vote for leaders, provide feedback during decision making, and are an essential part of Annual Conference each year.


We remember those who have gone on to be with Christ and celebrate their impact on the Kingdom of God.

Greetings from Special Appointments

Not every elder is appointed to a traditional church ministry. Hear from elders who serve in unique ministries around the world.

Kingdom Ministry Group

Boards and Committees
Representing Our Conference

The pastors, delegates, board members, staff, and national leaders that all come to Annual Conference provide meaningful, diverse representation for our churches. We are blessed to have leaders that truly reflect the diversity of our churches.

Annual Conference Report

The Kingdom Ministry Group (KMG) was created to help streamline the process of church planting. The KMG partners with the appointed leadership of Church Planting Projects and fosters them into healthy thriving Free Methodist Societies.

Over the past year our primary focus has been on supporting our pastors during this difficult time. Pastors Charles Latchison and Refugio Sanchez have worked to assess needs, opportunities and obstacles to develop sustainable ministries. We’ve also reached out to pastors individually to make sure they are personally doing well. This outreach will remain a focus for the KMG.

A second focus area has been to develop new processes to streamline the onboarding process and ensure accountability. Our goal is to ensure all churches are structured to thrive as we move forward.

As we look forward, we’re evaluating how to structure the KMG to move the Kingdom forward. As we move past the challenges for the last two years, we want to reenergize the process for bringing in new churches to the Free Methodist family. Our goal is to find folks that have a heart for this work, and to develop processes and structures to support them. As we move into a time of transition, we’re evaluating ways to make the KMG more effective and successful in recruiting new leaders and establishing successful Free Methodist churches in Southern California.

This has been a challenging season. We want to continue to pray for our Church Plants and their leadership. We are blessed by these leaders, as well as by having the opportunity to find new ways to support them and further the Kingdom as we move forward together.

Respectfully submitted by Randy Goetz


The purpose of the Kingdom Ministry Group is to see to the development of sustainable and vital Free Methodist societies by fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the Annual Conference to sponsor church planting projects and care for societies requiring revitalization. As with all Free Methodist Church leadership, the board is composed of an equal number of ministerial and lay (non-ordained) leaders.


This list represents the board members for the 2021-2022 term as of Annual Conference 2022.

Latchison, Charles

Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship - West

Sanchez, Refugio

Santa Ana, Free Methodist Church

Sato, Jon

Azusa, Foothill Community Church